Friday, June 5, 2009

Buffalo News clips!

Hey everyone!

I meant to start posting daily at the beginning of my internship, but alas, I was caught up in the writing. Not such a bad thing, if you ask me. :)

Below are my clips to date, with a quick headline-style intro and a link. And if you were curious, I love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Buffalo News. Great newspaper, and if anyone gets the opportunity to work here, take it!

Officials estimate $4.5 million in costs for lead-contaminated soil cleanup

As waterfront development expands, so do events

Starting June 1, think of Canada as a foreign country

Speakers urge full cleanup at West Valley waste site

Award winner's heart and soul is on ice

Same-sex marriage question is subject at vigil

Cradel Beach summer program can help prevent 'summer slide'

Cheektowaga Board agrees to fund library project

Empathizing with empty stomachs

Graduates' pipe dreams go to work

Stay tuned tomorrow and throughout the weekend for daily updates on more work, including a story I wrote on the polka category being eliminated from the Grammys.

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