Saturday, April 30, 2011

SPORTS: Midland vs. Dow Softball


Dow shortstop Leigha Newton misses a catch and dives over Midland's Jenni Wontorcik as she slides into second base for a steal during the first game of the Charger Classic softball tournament Saturday at H.H. Dow High School. The Chemics won 5-1.


Midland third baseman Geneva Osborne bites her lower lip as she throws the ball to first base after fielding a ground ball against the Dow Chargers in the fourth inning in the first game of the Charger Classic softball tournament Saturday at H.H. Dow High School. The Chemics won 5-1.


Dow shortstop Leigha Newton kicks up dirt as she sweeps up a ground ball during the first game of the Charger Classic softball tournament Saturday at H.H. Dow High School. The Midland Chemics beat the Chargers 5-1.


Midland first baseman Sarah Bentley cheers on her teammate as she hit a double and brought in a run.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FEATURE: Shadow skater

Shadow Skater

I shoot shadows. I enjoy it. This was just a frame from one of my takes last week I shot for me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

SPORTS FEATURE: Al Paulsen, Senior Olympian


Al Paulsen, 54, of Midland lands into the sand pit after taking his first long jump in more than 30 years Saturday at Midland High School in his first effort to begin training for the Senior Olympics, which start in one month. He jumped 14 feet, 5 inches on his first attempt. "That's not bad, no, but it's frightening to think I have to go more than 16 feet."

I will be following Al through his training and performance next month at the Senior Olympics. I am glad I came across him and his story.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

SPORTS FEATURE: Diggin' in at the dugout


From left: Midland baseball players Kyle Kram, Jordan Kraut, Alex Goodwin and Nick Mammel chat between games of a double header while eating sub sandwiches before warming up for the second game against Traverse City Central.

Thinking about doing an essay on life in the dugout. Already taken a couple of interesting people features during and between games. Saw a cool detail possibility today too. I want to do this essay on high school baseball as seen from the viewpoint of the dugout, and those in and around it.

FEATURE: Family moment at the 5K run

Pennant Race 5K run, 042311 bw

Knelt over on her mother's lap, Sammy Gouge, 10, smiles as her mother Michelle rubs her back after completing the fifth annual Great Lakes Loons Pennant Race on Saturday at Dow Diamond. Sammy Gouge finished the run in 27 minutes, 56 seconds, and as she crossed the finish line, Sammy ran right out of her shoes. She said she felt like she was going to vomit afterward, and that is why her mother pulled her into the grass and began to console her. "I told myself, I have to finish this race," Sammy Gouge said. "No matter what happens, I kept saying. Now, I feel like I'm going to throw up, but it was worth it."

FEATURE: Learning lacrosse


Garrett Kraut, 13, of Midland practices his ball and stick handling Saturday afternoon during his brother Jordan's baseball game at Midland High School in hopes to improve for his next lacrosse game. Kraut scored his first goal earlier Saturday during a game in Hartland, Mich helping his team secure a 10-5 victory. "It's a full-contact sport," said Garrett Kraut, who is playing in his first season. "When I made that goal, it was pretty exciting. The game is tiring though. I've got to keep up my conditioning and always be ready to grab the ball and get around my opponents. That's how we win. It's pretty hard, but definitely fun."

SPORTS: Midland baseball missing catches


Missed catch.


Missed catch.


Missed catch.

Friday, April 22, 2011

SPORTS: Anthony Robles, 125-pound NCAA wrestling national champion


An Arizona State coach talks with 125-pounder Anthony Robles in a backstage hallway after winning his second match Thursday at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. The 15-0 victory against Harvard's Steven Keith secured Robles to continue to wrestle in the quarterfinals Friday.


Arizona State 125-pounder Anthony Robles faces off with Utah Valley's Ben Kjar on Friday night at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. Jenkins won a 4-2 decision, advancing to the championship Saturday night.

Anthony Robles, national 125-pound NCAA wrestling champion

Arizone State 125-pounder Anthony Robles points to the sky seconds after he is named the No. 1 wrestler in his weight class Saturday night after winning his match against Iowa's Matt McDonough during the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Philadelphia. Robles secured the national title with a 7-1 victory. "It was huge. I had a lot of butterflies going out there. I've dreamt about stepping on that stage a dozen times, and this whole year I've just been preparing for that moment. ... Wrestling it's been a huge thing in my life. Wrestling's been my life for nine years now. I don't know what I'm going to do without competition now. But it's been a blessing in my life. It's taught me so much. It's really helped me to become a man. And I'll be forever grateful for that."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FEATURE: 'Die hard skating is dope'



H.H. Dow High School freshman Tyler Timmons, 14, smiles as he carries his backpack and shoes atop his skateboard, which he balances on his head while wading through nearly chest-high water in his boxer from the Tridge to Trilogy Skate Park to skateboard on the ramps Thursday afternoon in Midland, Mich. "Die hard skating is dope," Timmons said after trudging a few hundred feet through the water to the ramps. "The water was so cold man. It seemed like a bad idea the deeper I got, but once I got out I knew it would totally be worth it. Skating is a huge part of my life. I do it all the time. As long as it's dry, I'll skate. Even if I have to walk through a lake to get there, I'll skate."


SPORTS: H.H. Dow Baseball v. Bay City Western


H.H. Dow players watch on with disappointment from the dugout as their team gives up five runs in the top of the eighth inning, which secured a win Thursday afternoon for Bay City Western. The Chargers lost to the Warriors 10-8.


H.H. Dow senior Eric Abel crosses home plate to tie the game 5-5 in the seventh inning as Bay City Western catcher Matt Gurnee misses a catch during a critical play Thursday afternoon. The Warriors came back to win the game 10-8.


H.H. Dow senior pitcher Dylan Maddox walks through the infield after throwing his helmet to the ground before reaching first base in the last play of the game after hitting a single for the final out while the bases were loaded Thursday afternoon against Bay City Western, who won the game 10-8.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FEATURE: Father and daughter


Midland resident Isaac Lentz, 34, smiles as his daughter Rilynn Hammond, 2, gleans with excitement as she points toward a large yellow construction vehicle driving down Townsend Street Tuesday morning near downtown Midland. "My love for her is undying and everlasting. I would do anything for her," Lentz said. "I try to spoil her to the best of my ability (because) she's exceptionally bright for her age, and I am fortunate enough to spend time with her. She loves going outside, and she's very independent for being a two-year-old. I love her, I truly do with all of my heart."

Monday, April 18, 2011

FEATURE: Passover, Sedar Dinner


Midland Christian Middle School second-grader Elmise Archer, 9, right, reacts after realizing she took a bite of the Matzah too early before the rest of the students while first-grader Saige Arnold, left, eats her Matzah midday Monday during a Seder dinner, which is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. "I believe in God. I know that he will always be with me," Archer said. "One day, I will be going to heaven where no one will get hurt and no one will get fat."

FEATURE: Threads Fashion Show


Brighton senior Jennifer Slack models a student-made, masquerade-style mask backstage Sunday at the Threads fashion show at McGuirk Arena. "It was a really good experience," she said. "I've never been on a runway because I am really short, being only 5-foot. It was a new experience, but so much fun. 100 percent, I would do it again."




DESIGN: Threads Fashion Show


This is a two-page spread that publishes today in Central Michigan Life. The photos are mine, and the concept for the jump page was mine as well. I worked with Amelia Eramya in putting this together, and she came up with a cool, unique way to present the portrait series on A1 and jump to the "fashion statement" photos on page A3. Check back for a post of the photos from this assignment.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEWS: Search and Rescue


Sanford resident Toni Stacy, 51, walks through City Forest during a simulation of an initial search while attending a weekend workshop and training for Midland County Search and Rescue, a new organization with the mission of finding missing persons and evidence in Midland County and the surrounding areas. "I was a little nervous at first," Stacy said of the training. "I never knew how to use a compass or do half of what I know now. I'm learning so many new things. The bad that came from the death of Bob Cole breathes life into a program like this, which will allow us to find people faster in a way to help each other." The search for Cole, 62, began when he was reported missing on the night of Feb. 8, and ended when three men who never met him saw something floating in Sanford Lake. Pat Lamson, director of K-9 ONE Search and Rescue, said 90 percent of missing persons cases are settled and resolved within the first few hours. The other 10 percent, she said, rely heavily on volunteer-based searches because civil resources can only pay for people to search so many hours under their budget. "It's our friends, our neighbors — those are the volunteers who constantly search and volunteer to find evidence and people when they go missing," Lamson said, citing that 21 people volunteered their weekend for the training. "There is a good foothold for that here in Midland County."


Friday, April 15, 2011

NEWS: Day of Silence


Niles freshman Lyndsey Berry wears a piece of red duct tape over her mouth Wednesday afternoon with about 30 other students during Pride Week's "Day of Silence." Their quiet protest throughout campus was intended to symbolize members of the LGBTQ community who have been subjugated into silence.

To see more of the portrait series, check back. I will be posting the PDF with this post. Also, you can click the above photo to go to my Flickr photostream.

SPORTS: Tyler Hall, CMU Baseball Third Baseman


Junior third baseman Tyler Hall slides into second base after baseball practice Thursday evening at Theunissen Stadium. Hall spent the last two season at Grand Rapids Community College after he was academically ineligible to attend CMU. Since coming to Mount Pleasant, Hall leads the Chippewas in batting average and hits. “I feel like, and I don’t want to say I play dirty, but I’ll get dirty,” Hall said. “And I think I’m kind of an annoying player for opponents.”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SPORTS FEATURE: Overwhelmed mascot

Overwhelmed mascot

Mount Pleasant resident Josh Merry buries his head in his hands after throwing his helmet to the side of the bench as he attempts to cool off after wearing a mascot suit for two straight basketball games during a CMU men's and women's doubleheader in February in McGuirk Arena.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SPORTS: Bubba Jenkins, Cocky vs. Raw Emotion

The art of celebration. Here is an example of showmanship and sportsmanship at its finest. Same wrestler, two different styles of emotional outcome from winning wrestling matches. The first: the match Bubba Jenkins won to get him into the championship match. Here, you see a Lebron James style celebration. The second: winning the national title. In the second frame you see true, raw emotion as he leaps into his coach's arms. Both have their place in sports photography. I am not saying they don't. I just find it truly intriguing, the difference between cocky and truly inspirational.


Arizona State 157-pounder Bubba Jenkins throws his hands up to the sky in a "Lebron James" style celebration after winning the semifinal match against Northwestern's Jason Welch on Friday night at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. Jenkins won 8-5, advancing to the championship Saturday night.

Bubba Celebration

Arizona State 157-pounder Bubba Jenkins smiles as he leaps in to the arms of Head Coach Shawn Charles after pinning Penn State's David Taylor in 4 minutes, 16 seconds Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center during the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Philadelphia. "I played outside a lot on the swing sets and metal bars and played basketball. I didn't have too many toys and too many machines because I always broke them, always messed them up," Jenkins said. "Anytime my mom was buying machines for me, something electrical, something that was supposed to work or do something, I always found ways to break it. And that's a machine out there. That was the Penn State kid. That was the phenomena toy, I suppose, and I found ways to break it and disassemble it."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

PORTRAIT: Bruce Roscoe

Bruce Roscoe

Dean of Students Bruce Roscoe tendered his resignation after serving in the position for 16-plus years. Roscoe helped develop several programs on campus and was a constant advocate for students. As a dean, Roscoe said he hopes he is remembered as at least a competent, good guy. “Hopefully I made a difference,” Roscoe said.

Had a good friend and co-worker who I was happy to work with on this story. Student Life Editor Michael L. Hoffman is the man, and one helluva a reporter and writer. Here's his story.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FEATURE: West Side Story dress rehearsal


Midland High School student Audrey Ortiz, who plays Francisca in the production of West Side Story, smiles as she laughs with fellow cast members backstage Saturday at Central Middle School Auditorium during a dress rehearsal. "Being in West Side Story — it's like being in a really big family," Ortiz said. "Sometimes it can be stressful and tense, but we all love each other. That's what makes it so much fun. It's the people around us that makes this worth the experience. I love all of these people."


While the orchestra plays, Midland High School students Joe Fillmore, Ben DeGroot, Dallin Jones, Ian Palmieri, David Naffie and Michael Kelingos, all members of the Jets in the production of West Side Story, sing the "Jet Song" about what it means to be a member of their gang during a dress rehearsal Saturday at Central Middle School Auditorium.

Friday, April 8, 2011

FEATURE: Inevitable Mystique Fashion Show


Northwood University student Amee Cox attempts to hide a smile behind a red headband sheath as she mentally prepares a focus for the runway Friday night at Northwood University's Hach Student Life Center during Inevitable Mystique, the university's 10th annual student-run style show. Cox was one of the first on stage of about 60 students who modeled outfits, accessories, dresses and shoes in front of about 250 people.


Northwood University student Aubrey Shore strikes a pose at the end of the runway Friday night at Northwood University's Hach Student Life Center during Inevitable Mystique, the university's 10th annual student-run style show.


Northwood University student and dress designer Lauren Moore continues to work on the dress backstage while model Allie Wellman waits patiently in preparation for the runway Friday night at Northwood University's Hach Student Life Center during Inevitable Mystique, the university's 10th annual student-run style show. Cox was one of the first on stage of about 60 students who modeled outfits, accessories, dresses and shoes in front of about 250 people.


From left: Northwood University students Samaya Nichols, 20, Karla BossenBerry, 20, and Sharine Patillo, 21, walk the runway Friday night. Patillo said she loves to shop, especially window shop, feeling fabrics for hours without a purchase. As for the runway and fashion, she sees it as a way for people to express themselves. "Fashion is an attitude — a chance to show your individuality," she said. "You've got to be sassy, sexy. You have to feel confident every day."

DESIGN: Jarod Trice


Here's a photo page we ran in sports today in Central Michigan Life. The photos are from a story I worked on following Jarod Trice through his third year as a collegiate wrestler at Central Michigan University. Thanks to Aaron McMann, Sports Editor, for giving me the space to work this page in to the regular production cycle.