Sunday, December 18, 2011

SPORTS FEATURE: Come from behind victory


Northeast Dubois' Cameron Riecker sat while he caught his breath, head in hand as he thought of game strategy to come back from an eight-point deficit against Forest Park during halftime in the locker room Friday night in Dubois.


Northeast Dubois' Cody Newland, center, cheered as he high-fived teammate Jace Gordon in the locker room as the team celebrated a come from behind victory in the fourth quarter against Forest Park Friday night in Dubois. The Jeeps beat the Rangers 70-61.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

GEN. NEWS: Windell's Cafe closing its doors


The “Horseshoe Club” — named for the shape of the bar at which they regularly sit — at Windell’s Café in Dale includes Jerry Sanders of Santa Claus, clockwise from top left, Ray Striegel of Dale, Ray Harpenau of St. Henry and Jack Troth, Bob Reinke and Gerald Spurlock, all of Dale. At about 5:30 a.m. Thursday, the men enjoyed some of the final cups of coffee being served at Windell’s. The café opened in 1947 and Betty and Darrel Jenkins, owners for the past 20 years, are closing it Sunday. Of the six men, they total 226 years in collective attendance. "These guys, they're like a family to me," said Patty Gogel of Dale, a Windell's waitress for 17 years. "When they don't show up, I worry, but once we close, it's going to be hard for all of us. It'll be like losing a part of my family."

Friday, December 16, 2011

SPORTS: Double-teamed


Heritage Hills' Kaebra LaGrange, center, tried to fight off Southridge's Victoria Schaefer, left, and Cassie Wertman as they double-teamed her on defense Tuesday evening in Lincoln City. The Lady Raiders beat the Lady Patriots 45-21.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

FEATURE: Mama Cindy


While mother goat Chloe, left, tended to one of her newborn goats Colton, "Mama" Cindy Leinenbach of Huntingburg shared some love by holding and kissing her other two babies Katie, left, and Caleb, who were born on Dec. 7, while sitting in a gated pen at her animal rescue barn Friday afternoon in Huntingburg. Leinenbach ensured that each received enough colustrum, a necessity for baby goats bodies' digestive and immune systems to get up and running. Leinenbach cares for 20 goats, nine ducks, about 40 chickens, one lamb, three donkeys, and a myriad of other animals. "It's so therapeutic. It gives me a good feeling in my heart to be here for these animals," she said. "There ain't nothing better."


FEATURE: Shop with a cop


Jasper Police Patrolman Allan Foy, left, smiled as he watched three-year-old Logan use a popcorn tin as a drum as they finished their shopping spree Wednesday during the annual Shop with a Cop event at Walmart Super Center in Jasper. The shopping spree, which benefited 61 children, was sponsored by the local Fraternal Order of Police and funded through donations from local businesses and individuals. Each child was given a $100 budget, $60 to be spent on clothes. The 61 children are all members of Tri-CAP Head Start, a comprehensive pre-school program for low-come families.


Indiana State Police Master Trooper Ken Miller of Shoals held the hand of four-year-old Leyla as he guided her through the toy section Wednesday during the annual Shop with a Cop event at Walmart Super Center in Jasper.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FEATURE: Pucker up your clucker


Nicolle Cyrill of Jasper, left, leaned in to kiss a chicken in the arms of Kenny Wehr of Birdseye, one of about 20 chickens in a fenced in coop at his home Tuesday morning in downtown Birdseye. Cyrill and Wehr meet up about once a week for dinner after she bought farm-fresh eggs from him in July to swap stories, and she visits to help feed the chickens and the rabbits he breeds. "Chickens are a nice animal," she said. "You can find love within them, so they deserve to be loved."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SPORTS: Mount Carmel at Jasper


Mount Carmel's Makenzie Metcalf, left, and Jasper's Megan Sterberg stretched to gain possession of the ball on a rebound Saturday afternoon at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper. Jasper beat Mount Carmel 61-58.


Jasper's Megan Sternberg, left, drove to the basket, shooting a layup over the top of Mount Carmel's Tyra Buss under the hoop Saturday afternoon at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


Mount Carmel's Allie Dean grabbed the ball as Jasper's Shelby Merder stretched in an attempt to gain possession on a rebound among traffic Saturday afternoon at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.

Monday, December 12, 2011

GEN. NEWS: Our Precious Angels

Life is short. Time is the one thing so much of us squander, not thinking about the value it truly has in the big picture of life. We are too focused on the day-to-day dealings of work, school and, often, we do not look at the big picture. Life's grand scheme, when you look at it, is beautiful. In birth. In death. But I say we squander our time because we don't live enough. We don't live life without regrets, to our fullest. We are fearful of what others will think much of the time, and it's a horrible trait to waste so much of our lives worrying about. I just want to encourage every one of us to be honest with ourselves. Live the life we want for us, not for that guy in math class you have a crush on, and not for your editor. Live life for you. Make time for you. Be you.

All of this stems from an assignment that got me to think about life. So, the assignment was a candlelight service at the 4-H Fairgrounds Memorial Garden on Sunday, a service to remember, to commemorate all of the children who have died, and those who have lost children to come cope with that loss around others who have been through a similar tragedy in life. This photograph depicts one family who has been through a lot in the last 14 months. The family lost two different members to different vehicular accidents. The first was a motorcycle accident, the other a four-wheeler. One man was 44. The other 16. The elderly woman in the photo lost her son and grandson, a tragic reality I hope none of us ever have to face — losing a child or grandchild. The family was incredibly strong though. Why? Because they had each other. I was able to get every name, quotes and really talk to them in such a trying moment of their lives. They let me in. For that, I am eternally grateful. The Kluesners (other last names as well, but the family's root name) were simply admirable to be as strong as they were, and continue to be.

Back to the life discussion though. I, myself, was in a vehicular accident recently on my way back to Jasper from Michigan just last week. It wasn't much damage to either vehicle, and was more jarring than anything else. Accidents on the road have never bothered me. I've always stayed calm and collected, even when my front driver's side tire flies completely off at 70 mph. The thing is, I could easily have been unfortunate in any of these cases. I don't really understand how lucky I am to be in such good health and getting by without any injury in these situations. I've taken that for granted, through and through. I am incredibly lucky to have caring friends and family in my life, and wanted to say I am undoubtedly grateful for each of you in your own way. Thank you all for being in my life.


Carol Kluesner of Jasper, second from left, held her granddaughter Kennedy Kieffner of Jasper, 11, and was surrounded by other family members Sunday at the Our Precious Angels memorial at Dubois County Park. About 50 people gathered at a candlelight service to commemorate the lives of children who have died, and Carol’s son Terry and his son, Benton, were among those remembered. Also pictured, clockwise from left, are Zuniga Kluesner of Princeton, Whitley Kluesner of Jasper, 17, Mallory Alles of Jasper, 17, Debbie Beckman of Jasper and Rebecca Kluesner of Princeton, 9. Terry Kluesner died May 13 in a motorcycle accident, and Benton died Oct. 3, 2010, in a four-wheeler accident. “To be with people who have had the same tough luck you’ve had and to have my family here with me, it means everything,” Carol Kluesner said. “Together, we’re going to make it through. It’s a tear-jerker, but we stay strong for each other.”

Sunday, December 11, 2011

FEATURE: Leaf angel


After leaping into a pile of leaves her grandmother Vickie Thacker raked in the backyard, Kamryn Allen of Holland, 4, closed her eyes as she waved her arms and legs to form an angel outline Tuesday at the Thacker home in the 200 block of Meridian Street in Holland. "When I jump into the leaf pile, it feel like I'lm jumping into a pool. It's really fun," Kamryn said.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

FRIENDS: Bursting bubbles


Madeline Weatherwax, 2, smiled as she ran around trying to catch bubbles in her hand, and sometimes in her mouth on Nov. 5 as the sun set in her family's yard in Jasper, Ind.

Friday, December 9, 2011

SPORTS: Locker room jubes and dejects


Forest Park's Olivia Uebelhor, left, Amanda Jacob, Kayla Smith, Johannah Jackson, Kylie Blessinger, Chelsea Freyberger and Sami Hopf smiled as Head Coach Marty Niehaus congratulated the Lady Rangers for beating Heritage Hills 45-38 on Thursday night at Forest Park High School in Ferdinand.


Heritage Hills' Staci Schaefer, left, Natalie Biever, Brittany Karpowicz, Bailey Spencer and Hayli Scott listened to Head Coach Kim Brown as she explained some weaknesses on the court as they were down 15-14 to Forest Park on Thursday night at Forest Park High School in Ferdinand. The Lady Rangers beat the Lady Patriots 45-38.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FEATURE: Uebelhor and son


Mick Uebelhor of Huntingburg, 7, held a lit candle while his mother Mary held him tightly while other parade-goers took photos and watched the lighted Christmas parade Saturday evening on Fourth Street in Huntingburg.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NEWS: Remembering Dexter Royer


Butch Royer of Dubois, left, stood somberly by his wife Heather as she wept while the entire gym commemorated their son Dexter Royer Saturday night at Northeast Dubois High School in Dubois. Dexter Royer, a former Northeast Dubois basketball player, was killed when a tree fell on him in August.

SPORTS: H. Hills at NE Dubois


Northeast Dubois' Jace Gordon threw his hands up in celebration to his teammates in the locker room Saturday night after edging out Heritage Hills to win 64-62 in Dubois.


Northeast Dubois' Cody Newland, center, grimaced as he reached for a rebound between Heritage Hills' Jake Fella, left, and Damon Wahl on Saturday night in Dubois.


Northeast Dubois' Wade Friedman, left, cheered on his team as head coach Terry Friedman looked up to the scoreboard to see his team tied up the game 59-59 in the fourth quarter Saturday night at Northeast Dubois High School in Dubois. The Jeeps beat the Patriots 64-62.

Monday, December 5, 2011

FEATURE: Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus is coming to town

Ralph Purkhiser of West Badem walked along the sidewalk at a train station as he prepared to play Santa Claus on a live-action rendition of the Polar Express on Nov. 17 in French Lick, Ind. Purkhiser has played the part of Santa Claus in different venues throughout southern Indiana for 29 years.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

SPOT NEWS: Ireland family loses home to blaze


Rita Fraley of Ireland leaned against the charred frame of her house, located at 4096 W. State Road 56, as she searched for salvageable items after Fraley's home caught fire Friday afternoon in Ireland. Five trucks and about 15 firefighters were called to the scene at 3:14 p.m. for 90 minutes to extinguish the fire at the 12-by-55-foot trailer home. The home was engulfed in flames upon arrival, and ended as a total loss, said Fire Chief Stan Seifert. Fraley, her husband Justin and four children — a seven-year-old girl and three boys, ages 4, 3, and 1 — exited the home safely. Nobody was injured. The Fraleys will stay with family in Washington, Ind.


Five trucks and about 15 firefighters were called to the scene at 3:14 p.m. for 90 minutes to extinguish the fire at the 12-by-55-foot trailer home. The home was engulfed in flames upon arrival, and ended as a total loss, said Fire Chief Stan Seifert.


Ireland Volunteer Firefighter Clint Gogel walked somberly away from the home at 4096 W. State Road 56 on Friday afternoon in Ireland after he went inside to douse the walls with a fire hose.


Homeowner Justin Fraley, left, smoked a cigarette outside of his burnt down house alongside neighbors and bystanders as they peer through the charred frame, located at 4096 W. State Road 56, as his wife Rita searched for salvageable items Friday afternoon in Ireland.

Friday, December 2, 2011

SPORTS: Boonville at Jasper wrestling


Jasper's Dillon Wagner grimaced as he pressured Boonville's Luke Duncan onto his back for a near fall during the 170-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper. The Wildcats beat the Pioneers 37-27.


Boonville's Larry Whitehouse pinned Jasper's Dillon Hurst in three minutes, six seconds during the 106-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


Jasper varsity wrestlers focused together before taking on Boonville on Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


Jasper's Grant Brescher and Boonville's Tristen McDaniel clunked heads as they looked for an advantage in position during the 138-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


Jasper's Dillon Hurst, center, and the rest of its bench erupt in cheers when Grant Brescher won the 138-pound match against Boonville's Tristen McDaniel on Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper. The Wildcats beat the Pioneers 37-27.


Jasper's Grant Brescher pushed back onto Boonville's Tristen McDaniel in an attempt to turn him to his back as the two lay intertwined during the 138-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


A referee smaced his hand to the floor as Boonville's Connor Ennis pinned Jasper's Ben Popp in 42 seconds during the 145-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper. The Wildcats beat the Pioneers 37-27.


Jasper's Kyle Eckert lifted of his back to avoid being pinned by Boonville's Jarrod Hemmings during the 120-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper.


A referee watched on as Jasper's Cole Kreilen pinned Boonville's Cote Lawrence in two minutes, 50 seconds during the 160-pound match Thursday evening at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium in Jasper. The Wildcats beat the Pioneers 37-27.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FEATURE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Birdseye

Dale in the window

A cardboard cutout of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. stands at a window in a home in the 500 block of Highway 145 in Birdseye, Ind.

NATURE: Blackbird(s)


A flock of birds flew across a snow-covered cornfield off of Ferdinand Road on Tuesday during the first snowfall near the intersection of Ferdinand Road and County Road S. 100W in Ferdinand.



As he walked home from the bus stop after school, Ayden Small of Ferdinand, 6, left, smiled as he brought a snowball home as his sister Maddix Small of Ferdinand, 4, hid behind a truck to throw a snowball at him after the first snowfall at their home on 9th Street in Ferdinand.

FEATURE: Puppy Love


Carolyn Rae Schmitt of Indianapolis, 12, cocked her head back laughing as she received kisses by their family's dog Charlie, who licked her face as she lifted him up into the air Saturday afternoon while celebrating Thanksgiving at her grandparent's house, Mayor Bill Schmitt and his wife Carolyn, on Saturday in Jasper. Carolyn Rae Schmitt was named after her grandmother, and her middle name was in honor of Bill Schmitt's father's name.