Thursday, December 15, 2011

FEATURE: Mama Cindy


While mother goat Chloe, left, tended to one of her newborn goats Colton, "Mama" Cindy Leinenbach of Huntingburg shared some love by holding and kissing her other two babies Katie, left, and Caleb, who were born on Dec. 7, while sitting in a gated pen at her animal rescue barn Friday afternoon in Huntingburg. Leinenbach ensured that each received enough colustrum, a necessity for baby goats bodies' digestive and immune systems to get up and running. Leinenbach cares for 20 goats, nine ducks, about 40 chickens, one lamb, three donkeys, and a myriad of other animals. "It's so therapeutic. It gives me a good feeling in my heart to be here for these animals," she said. "There ain't nothing better."


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