Monday, November 30, 2009

Last home game of the season

Central Michigan University's football team played its last home game of the season, seeing of senior quarterback Dan LeFevour as well as many other graduating seniors. The team won the game 45-31 against Northern Illinois University. (Published in Central Michigan Life and on Nov. 30)

Read the story by Sports Editor Andrew Stover. I will post more links to the stories later today as they will publish online this morning.

I shot the game alongside fellow photographers Ashley Miller and Sean Proctor. Here is a link to a gallery of photos by each of them as well.

Antonio Brown TACKLED me! And I'm OK with it.

OK. So this is just a funny story to tell. Yes. I, in fact, was tackled by Antonio Brown on the sideline. Sean Proctor describes it as though he mauled me, but it may be a bit over exaggerated. Here's how it went down. I was at the 20-yard line while Dan LeFevour and the rest of the offense lined up at about the 9-yard line. So if they were going to get a first down, I was in good range to make some images.

LeFevour hiked the ball and immediately passed it to Brown along my sideline. Awesome. As I watched him through my viewfinder, I was excited as I shot. He came closer and closer and that's when I threw the camera to my stomach and cradled it like a newborn in my arms, shielding it of course from the mack truck heading my way. A Northern Illinois defender pushed him out of bounds and he wasn't about to stop.

Just before the play started, a CMU medic on the sideline told me he was thankful for me kneeling behind the media line. He said too often has he seen a photographer get injured because they are not behind that line. Well, needless to say, he and the woman behind me were gone in a flash when it came to Brown charging forward for extra yardage. Ironic.

So there I was, kneeling before Antonio Brown headed straight for me at full speed. I braced, and took the hit. It was hard not to, as the woman behind me pushed me forward to protect herself. I learned I can take a hit from Antonio Brown today, and if I take nothing else away from it but a good story, I am fine with that. I definitely enjoyed shooting the game. Oh, and as for Sean Proctor, who watched all of it happen as he stood next to me without socks on with poorly insulated shoes? Brown's cleats penetrated his foot, especially his toes. These are our battle scars. Plus, hey ... if Brown goes Pro, what a cool story to tell people.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Miller time!

Mike Miller, CMU wrestler

Junior 174-pounder Mike Miller enters the season ranked first nationally in his weight class. He finished runner-up at NCAAs last year. Miller took on UTC freshman Jake Young for the first match this season. A pinched nerve in his shoulder was scheduled to keep Miller out of the match, but he won the match on a 3-1 decision. (Photo published in Central Michigan Life on Nov. 13)

Read the stories by sports reporter D.J. Palomares.
Miller enters wrestling season a marked man
Miller gets start at 174 pounds

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jump the rock wall

Bike Jump 11-24-09

Matt Montei, an Akron senior, jumps over a rock wall Tuesday evening in front of the Charles V. Park Library. He and two of his friends look for new trails and obstacles to ride through and jump off of on a daily basis. "It always looked at this and thought it would be too high off of the ground," Montei said. "I've wanted to do this for three years. I finally did it and it was awesome."

My girlfriend and I

Girlfriend and her glasses

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Traverse City memories: Special Olympics Michigan 2009

So I went to Traverse City this weekend, and the first thing that came to mind was Special Olympics Michigan. I've covered it twice for Central Michigan Life — once as a reporter in 2007 and once as a photographer in 2009. I love the city, though there isn't much up there but a mall and numerous wineries. Anyhow, these photos are from January 2009. I wanted to dig them up after reminiscing about it while around the city this weekend. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Protesting Gov. Jennifer Granholm

American flag, Gov. Granholm protest

Macomb senior David Grabowski waves the American flag Thursday on Preston Street to passing cars in front of the Charles V. Park Library. Grabowski, along with about five others, protested Granholm's appearance and speech Thursday at Central Michigan University. "I disapprove of the seven years of Jennifer Granholm so far," he said. "I can't wait for Jan. 1, 2011. That's the day she is no longer in office and I can sit back, relax and enjoy watching college football." (Shot for Central Michigan Life) Read the story by Senior Reporter Brad Canze.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm on campus

Jennifer Granholm 01

Gov. Jennifer Granholm spoke Thursday morning at Central Michigan University. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to cover her speech in the Charles V. Park Library. She discussed the Michigan Promise and her efforts to "keep the promise." Read the story published in Central Michigan Life. Other politicians were in the crowd, as were university officials. Thus, Interim University President Kathy Wilbur and Rep. Bill Caul, R-Mount Pleasant, seen in these photos, which I shot for Central Michigan Life.

Jennifer Granholm 02

Jennifer Granholm 03

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clowning around

clown graduation

Mount Pleasant resident Caden William Locktosh, center, stands amongst a group of about 10 clowns at the Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Road, in mid-October during at their graduation and commencement ceremony. Each also was given a clown name. Locktosh goes by "Jingles." Each clown performed a routine. Some used props, some slapstick humor and each dressed in absurd clown-life fashion. "It's my first time being a clown," he said, laughing at the size of his bowtie. "My grandmother has been a clown for years, and now she is teaching me to be just as funny."

A salute to Central Michigan women's soccer

CMU Soccer against Buffalo

The women's soccer team did a phenomenal job this season. The team clinched the Mid-American Conference championship and played two games in the NCAA tournament. That's a feat. I applaud their effort, as did the editorial board at Central Michigan Life. Staff Reporter Matthew Valinski did an excellent job writing through their season. You can view his work here.

Check out some more fantastic soccer photos by Central Michigan Life Photo Editor Ashley Miller and Presentation Editor Matthew Stephens in these galleries of games throughout the season: MAC Championship, Western Michigan University, Toledo

Also, see photos from the championship game in Monday's edition of Central Michigan Life by Sean Proctor.

Above: Senior forward Amanda Waugh shoots the ball as Buffalo senior goalkeeper Amy Coron dives in front of her for a save. Waugh had one assist in Central Michigan University women's soccer team's 4-0 victory against Buffalo on Oct. 4. Her assist helped to score the fourth and final goal. It was the team's seventh-straight win.

Right: Central Michigan Junior midfielder Valerie Prause earned one goal and three assists on the season after defeating Buffalo in the early October game.
Photos published in Central Michigan Life Oct. 5 and Oct. 9

Monday, November 16, 2009

Receive a laugh

CMU Board of Trustees

Interim University President Kathy Wilbur, left, shares a few stories with Trustee Stephanie Comai, right, SGA President Jason Nichol and SGA Vice President Brittany Mouzourakis after the Trustee-Student Liaison meeting last Wednesday afternoon. Nichol discussed the Michigan Promise at a September meeting. (Published in Central Michigan Life on Sept. 23)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aerials: Color or Black and White?

Soccer aerial color

Soccer aerial black and white

'Some Pig'

The Pig Photo

Shepherd resident Greg Arnett turns on the lights and fans in one room of his pig barn on Sept. 25 as about 60 pigs scurry around his feet. The barn holds about 1,100 pigs total, all of which were delivered that same afternoon. Each pig was delivered weighing between 35 and 60 pounds. "Every pig will be about 300 pounds in 90 days, give or take," he said. "These are feeder pigs. Each is worth about $250 after all is swaured away. Now that's a pretty penny." (Published on Oct. 4)

This is another single from a photo story I shot for Kent Miller's JRN 422 class in September. It was my first photo story this year, and it is by far my favorite photo class I have taken at Central Michigan University. It's pushed me to grow tremendously. Thanks to everyone in that class and Kent for really pushing right alongside me. If I could, I would take this class again and again.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am football (IM FOOTBALL)

IM Football 10-29-09

Bill Suits, a Houghton graduate student, looks onto the field at Kelly/Shorts Stadium before the intramural co-rec football championship game Thursday night. “It’s good to just get away from school sometimes,” Suits said. “This is that for me. It’s a way to relieve stress in a competitive, constructive atmosphere.”

IM Football 10-29-09

Canada graduate student Kelly Watson, left, and teammate Caitlin Colwell, a Canton graduate student, smile and laugh with one another after receiving T-shirts for winning the game.

The Intramural Co-Rec championship football game was Thursday night at Kelly/Shorts Stadium, and it was a close one. Check out the audio slideshow I produced with some help from a great team of young journalists. Audio was collected by Staff Reporter Maryellen Tighe and Staff Photographer Jeff Smith. Jeff also made images alongside me, while Senior Reporter Joe Borlik wrote the story. Please click here to read Borlik's full story on Central Michigan Life's Web site.

Sports Weekend: Wrestling, field hockey and volleyball

CMU wrestling 01

Central Michigan University hosted its annual intersquad wrestling match on Friday at Rose Arena. Click here to read the story by Senior Reporter D.J. Palomares.

CMU Field Hockey vs. Missouri State

CMU's field hockey team continued a winning streak this weekend after beating Missouri State on Saturday afternoon in Mount Pleasant. Click here to read the story by Staff Reporter Jacob Lougheed.

CMU volleyball vs. Kent State 02

CMU's volleyball team celebrates at the end of a set against Kent State University. The team won three straight sets to win the match on Saturday night. Click here to read the Central Michigan Life story by Senior Reporter D.J. Palomares.