Monday, November 2, 2009

I am football (IM FOOTBALL)

IM Football 10-29-09

Bill Suits, a Houghton graduate student, looks onto the field at Kelly/Shorts Stadium before the intramural co-rec football championship game Thursday night. “It’s good to just get away from school sometimes,” Suits said. “This is that for me. It’s a way to relieve stress in a competitive, constructive atmosphere.”

IM Football 10-29-09

Canada graduate student Kelly Watson, left, and teammate Caitlin Colwell, a Canton graduate student, smile and laugh with one another after receiving T-shirts for winning the game.

The Intramural Co-Rec championship football game was Thursday night at Kelly/Shorts Stadium, and it was a close one. Check out the audio slideshow I produced with some help from a great team of young journalists. Audio was collected by Staff Reporter Maryellen Tighe and Staff Photographer Jeff Smith. Jeff also made images alongside me, while Senior Reporter Joe Borlik wrote the story. Please click here to read Borlik's full story on Central Michigan Life's Web site.

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