Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SPORTS: Bubba Jenkins, Cocky vs. Raw Emotion

The art of celebration. Here is an example of showmanship and sportsmanship at its finest. Same wrestler, two different styles of emotional outcome from winning wrestling matches. The first: the match Bubba Jenkins won to get him into the championship match. Here, you see a Lebron James style celebration. The second: winning the national title. In the second frame you see true, raw emotion as he leaps into his coach's arms. Both have their place in sports photography. I am not saying they don't. I just find it truly intriguing, the difference between cocky and truly inspirational.


Arizona State 157-pounder Bubba Jenkins throws his hands up to the sky in a "Lebron James" style celebration after winning the semifinal match against Northwestern's Jason Welch on Friday night at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. Jenkins won 8-5, advancing to the championship Saturday night.

Bubba Celebration

Arizona State 157-pounder Bubba Jenkins smiles as he leaps in to the arms of Head Coach Shawn Charles after pinning Penn State's David Taylor in 4 minutes, 16 seconds Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center during the NCAA Wrestling Championships in Philadelphia. "I played outside a lot on the swing sets and metal bars and played basketball. I didn't have too many toys and too many machines because I always broke them, always messed them up," Jenkins said. "Anytime my mom was buying machines for me, something electrical, something that was supposed to work or do something, I always found ways to break it. And that's a machine out there. That was the Penn State kid. That was the phenomena toy, I suppose, and I found ways to break it and disassemble it."

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