Monday, March 1, 2010

MPPA, a weekend to remember


Neil Blake and Libby March. Two of my best friends. Fantastic photojournalists with great storytelling abilities. These two and I make up the Trifecta, a name we gave ourselves as whole to help strive for better photography and understanding of our work and what we can do with our photography. Each of us were awarded an individual award at the Michigan Press Photographers Association conference this weekend in East Lansing.

Even more amazing is we were each given an award for Michigan's College Photographer of the Year. Neil was named top honors. I was first runner-up and Libby as second runner-up. Another wonderful friend of mine, Sean Proctor, was also in the running, and we all wanted him to receive an honorable mention for his work, which was close to happening.

We have all worked very hard for this. Late nights in the Woldt Lab, constantly pushing each other to become better storytellers. I can't say enough about my closest friends and the work they produce. I am continuously inspired every day to shoot as I see them doing the same. It's addictive, but it's our lifestyle and I wouldn't have it any other way. I learned so much this weekend from seeing so many great pictures and talking with professionals. It's truly wonderful to immerse yourself into what you love around people who truly understand it.

I love all you all — Neil, Libby and Sean. You are my best friends. Thanks so much for being so supportive of not only my, but our collective works as photojournalists. Rat Pack for the win! (Secondary photo courtesy of Kent Miller, a professor that has helped guide us and without him, none of this would be possible.)

Here are links to our winning works:

Neil Blake, College Photographer of the Year
Jake May, College Photographer of the Year, First Runner-Up
Libby March, College Photographer of the Year, Second Runner-Up

Neil Blake, Sports Picture Story, Honorable Mention
Libby March, Feature Picture Story, First Place
Jake May, Feature Picture Story, Honorable Mention

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