Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day


Sgt. First Class Todd Vaive stands outside of the Spring Arbor Township office building as he lays his hands on his nine-year-old son Caleb's shoulders peering into the sky in hopes that it will clear for the Memorial Day parade on Monday afternoon in Spring Arbor. Vaive, who returned home from Afghanistan 13 weeks ago after an 18-month tour of duty, was named grand marshal of the parade, which was canceled because of rain. "We celebrate this day because of every person who fights for us, dies for us and some that come back," said Caleb Vaive.


Rev. Charles Waters of Jackson frowns while saluting other veterans who pass by on the parade route while commemorating the lives of lost soldiers on Memorial Day in front of Mount Evergreen Cemetery in Jackson. "It is important to remember those who died for our freedom," he said, wearing a Civil War uniform to honor a relative who fought for the Union.


Tiger Scout Dwayne Lewis, Jr. of Jackson, 6, amuses himself by sticking his tongue to his nose while waiting to march down S. Jackson Street on Monday downtown for the Memorial Day parade. "We do it because the veterans saved our country," he said.

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