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2010: A year in photos (and thank you's)

2010 proved to be a great year.

I was named second place College Photographer of the Year in Michigan, and was given an honorable mention for a feature photo story. I was also named the student clips contest winner by MPPA for the 2009-10 school year. I had my first official photo internship at the Jackson Citizen Patriot in the summer. I was photo editor at Central Michigan Life in the fall semester. I was incredibly fortunate to be awarded twice in the College Photographer of the Year competition: Silver Sports Portfolio and an Award of Excellence in Domestic Picture Story. I also placed three times in the first round of the revamped NPPA student clips contest.

At the end of this post is a thank you list to all of those people who have made this year phenomenal, and without which, these accolades would never have been possible. For now, here are my favorite photos of 2010 (in no particular order):

Chalk flood

Mallorie Hollenbeck, 5, of Midland lays seemingly lifeless as she tries not to move while she takes her turn of getting her body sketched in an outline onto the cement on Saturday during Community Canvas' Chalkflood, a celebration of Midland’s artistic, musical, theatrical, and scientific diversity. "It's so much fun. Chalking is great. Making circles, coloring them in and getting colorful all over the ground," she said. "I don't mind getting my hands covered because it's worth it."

Sledding at sunset

Davino Bedore, 7, slowly trudges up a hillside with his sled while the sun sets Saturday in Spark Foundation County Park in Jackson, Mich. Bedore sledded for about an hour with his cousin and uncle alongside about 40 others.


Gymnastics Coach Jerry Reighard and his wife Nancy, assistant gymnastics coach, laugh while fighting over a piece of foam in the foam pit at the gymnastics practice room Thursday in Rose Arena. The two met in 1972: Nancy on the women's gymnastics team at CMU; Jerry on the men's team. Every day after practice, Jerry walked Nancy home to her dorm room in Sweeney Hall. The two have been married for 36 years. "I was in love with her. That's why I did it," Jerry said. "And I still love her just as much today. I just know her a bit better now, that's all."

Hot Air Jubilee

Aubree Smith, 18 months old, of Grass Lake reaches up to grab the hands of Caitlin Bergeon, 13, of Mason and her sister Anna Smith, 14, while waiting for the night glow to begin after one balloon launched Friday during the Hot Air Jubilee at Jackson County Airport. "It's like she wanted us to pick her up and bring her into the basket," Bergeon said.

Baseball Fight

An umpire attempts to separate Homer's Mitch Pease, left, whose arms are wrapped around the head of Concord's Mike Kaplinski at the beginning of a fight at third base. Both benches nearly cleared out to join their teammates, resulting in both teams forfeiting the Division 4 district championship game.


Junior Brittni Merchant, right , draws a cross in the dirt before every at bat to express her faith. Her sister, Macy, draws the number four, which she chose to wear to honor a late friend and a mother of a friend who is battling Lou Gehrig's disease. Away from softball, the two are extremely close. "(Macy)'s my best friend, my rock. She's everything and she's awesome," Brittni said.

Hiding in Ball Pit

Seven-year-old Kevin Davis of Albion sinks into the ball pit to try and hide from his brother and cousin while playing at the Fourth of July celebration Saturday morning in Hanover. "They'll never find me," he giggled, but quickly stopped talking as they jumped into the ball pit to uncover him.

Perfecting dribbling

Nine-year-old Tashari Hale of Jackson dribbles a basketball between her legs trying to perfect her skills on Thursday afternoon in her driveway. "We laugh and play all the time, and sometimes we even ride our bikes, racing down the driveway to see who can win," Tashari said.

CMU vs. Miami (OH)

Central Michigan senior defensive back Vince Agnew tackles Miami senior wide receiver Armand Robinson just before halftime Saturday afternoon at Kelly/Shorts Stadium. Robinson recorded nine catches for 102 yards. Robinson had the second most yards total behind Miami redshirt sophomore Andy Cruse, who recorded eight catches for 179 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winning 71-yard catch.


Indiana resident Atlee Miller, 74, takes a nap Wednesday evening outside of the Grass Lake High School gymnasium after completing a 45-mile bicycle ride alongside about 800 other participants in the Pedal Across Lower Michigan bicycle tour. The tour started in South Bend, Indiana on Monday, and Miller has already ridden about 143 miles on his third tour. "Rest is important to keep up my energy during the rides," he said. "This bicycle tour keeps me in shape, gives me a sense of accomplishment and heck, it's kind of like being a kid again."


Sgt. First Class Todd Vaive stands outside of the Spring Arbor Township office building as he lays his hands on his nine-year-old son Caleb's shoulders peering into the sky in hopes that it will clear for the Memorial Day parade on Monday afternoon in Spring Arbor. Vaive, who returned home from Afghanistan 13 weeks ago after an 18-month tour of duty, was named grand marshal of the parade, which was canceled because of rain. "We celebrate this day because of every person who fights for us, dies for us and some that come back," said Caleb Vaive.

New Darryl Morris Edit

A portrait of Jackson resident Darryl Morris. View the full post.


Grass Lake resident Christie Mazur kisses her 15-month-old daughter Emily Elizabeth Mazur as the two roll back and forth, playing and snuggling with one another on Saturday at their Michigan Avenue home. Emily Mazur was born with Dandy-Walker syndrome, a brain defect that can lead to slow motor development and malformation of the heart, face and limbs. She was also born with a cleft lip and palate. "It's been incredibly rough, but a true blessing," Christie said. "She's a very happy baby, but it's hard going through tough times. For me, her smile makes everything better."


The shadow of a balloon appears on the short next to Brills Lake as a hot air balloon rises off the lake after dipping down into the water on Sunday morning in east Jackson during the Hot Air Jubilee.


Members of the Jasper High School varsity basketball team warm up after half time at Cabby O'Neill Gymnasium. The gym is vintage 1930's and was just restored this past year. This is the first game played in the gymnasium in more than 20 years.


Staff general surgeon Jim Shepich takes a phone call in one of six new operating rooms Friday afternoon at MidMichigan Med Center, 4005 Orchard Drive. The hospital will have 13 new operating rooms, seven of which will have renovations in the coming months. "It's a huge technological leap," he said. "It's better for the patients. They're privacy especially will be much higher than before."

McGuirk Arena

Newspapers and towels sit draped over seats throughout McGuirk Arena during the ceremonial opening Dec. 1 for Central Michigan men's basketball team's opening game in the Events Center.


Sophie Sherwood, 6, of Midland runs through the coat room as she plays freeze tag with her sibling and cousins after the ceremony for Project Blue Light on Sunday evening at Memorial Presbyterian Church. About 100 people attended the memorial service.

Wine Glass

A wine glass pictorial.

CMU wrestler Jarod Trice

Central Michigan head wrestling coach Tom Borrelli lectures heavyweight sophomore Jarod Trice after losing his final match at the 2010 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship tournament in Omaha, Neb. Trice earned his first All-America honors with an eighth-place finish, though he suffered an ankle injury in his first-round match and was pinned in the last second of the bout. "I popped my ankle out in the first round and I didn't get the motion going that I needed in my last match or in the tournament," Trice said. "I have to come back next year. I have to start it up again and make it to the top of the podium."

NASCAR wedding (black and white)

Friends and family celebrate as Joe Anderson, 47, of Rives Junction shares the first kiss of marriage with his new wife Lorraine at their infield campsite at turn three during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series CARFAX 400 on Sunday afternoon at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. "I’ve never done anything like this before,” Joe Anderson said. “I have a wife now!”

Chittock Street

Jalaysha O'Rourke, 7, stand on the tips of her toes as she stretches to reach for every bead of water to hit her as her Aunt Orian Jordan, 16, sprays her with a garden hose on the sidewalk in the 900 block of Chittock Street on July 12. Jalaysha is one of 40 grandchildren that Jordan and her mother Wanda, who have lived on the street for three years, watch for her 12 brothers and sisters.

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I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and friends. My mother has always been my biggest support throughout my life.I am forever grateful. I mean, without here there would be no me. Lol. She is an amazing woman, and I will never stop loving her.

My friends are right up there with my mother. Neil Blake, Sean Proctor and Libby March. Three of my best friends, three great photojournalists. All of you are an inspiration to me.

Neil, you keep me grounded when I need it, but you also give me the opportunity to soar. You believe in me always, and for that I am forever grateful. Your faith is inspiring in me, others and in God. I truly love that about you.

Sean, you have an eye for detail, and not only when you shoot. You helped me tirelessly in the fall semester as the assistant photo editor at CM Life. You are a true friend, and I can't wait to see you shooting daily again in 2011. You are a true friend. You are honest and I am a better person for having you in my life.

Libby, your heart is endless and pure. You bleed for your subjects and your friends and family. You truly care. For me, you have always been at my side when I need you most. I don't know who I would be without you in my life, but I can say my life wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling.

You make me smile, all of you. I am so blessed to have such great friends. Other amazing people in my life in 2010:

Kent Miller: You have always been a kick-ass professor who cares about his students. You've always shown an interest in me, my work and my life.

J. Scott Park: A true friend and a great photo editor. You gave me a great opportunity in Jackson at the Cit Pat, and you gave me one helluva run with some fantastic assignments.

Nick Dentamaro: Dude, you kicked my ass this summer, and we had some great office shenanigans. Hope some day we can work in the same newsroom again, because your daily work is inspiring and your attitude is amazing.

Katie Rausch: You shoot some amazing photos! Our hot air jubilee weekend was amazing. You are a great friend and I can't wait to see where you go in life. You are always welcome to stay at my place in Mount Pleasant if you ever want to visit. :)

Nathan Morgan and the Midland Boys: Freelancing at the Midland Daily News has been amazing so far. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. My CPOY sports edit wouldn't be nearly as strong if it wasn't for you, Thomas Simonetti and Nick King. Love working with you guys. I believe an N64 party with drinks on me is in order.

Dave Weatherwax: For always being there if I need help. You have always been a great friend.

Erik Holladay: Dude, you get it. You get PJ, and you are on helluva friend. I had a fantastic time shooting and editing side by side during the Central/Western game. Thanks for being awesome.

Ryan Wood: Simply, you are the man. You always give me confidence in myself and my work. You are just, as I said before, the man.

Leah Sefton: You know how to make me smile. :)

Sara Winkler, Paige Calamari, and other members of BAPAD: Each of you have helped me to open my eyes behind the lens, think about what I am shooting and who I want to be as a photojournalist. Plus, it's nice to see everyone's work. :) Sara, late night Lil' Chef was always good. Paige, you are one of the best pong partners ever. :P

Jeffrey Smith: You are my roommate, and I am happy to say I've seen you grown through your assignments this semester at CM Life. Kick some ass in 2011.

Joe Tobianski: Dude. You came in and taught me a lot about life. You have an endless drive that pushes you with a great attitude about life. Keep it up. You will go far. I feel like a proud father seeing you graduate with a portfolio that landed you the Flint Journal. You are doing well there. Hit it hard! Show them what CMU PJ's are all about.

Eric Dresden: Simply amazing. You are a great friend and the best managing editor I've had the chance to work with in my time at CM Life. You are someone who gets it. Thanks for communicating constantly, for understanding photojournalism and just being a stand-up guy! Seriously, I owe you another margarita next time you are in Mount Pleasant.

Aaron McMann and Lonnie Allen: You guys make working sports incredibly easy, but more so fun. Doesn't seem like we've missed a beat, primarily because Aaron is always on top of it. (Insert Lonnie joke here). Lonnie, you make work incredible. Couldn't do it without either of you. (Insert another Lonnie joke here).

Jackie Smith: Without the support of the Editor in Chief, it would be impossible to have the photo play we've been fortunate to have this fall. On behalf of the entire photo staff, I want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to produce the weekly In Focus photo page and Friday Feature photo column.

Brian Manzullo: You made this year a fun one. Miss you, but I know you are tearing it up the Arizona Republic. Also, just as a reference, we need to do this again sometime.

CM Life photo staff: You have all made some phenomenal images this semester. I am so proud I can call myself your editor. You make my job pretty easy when you shoot the pants off of every assignments. Your 2011 work will be wonderful, I am sure.

As for 2011, I have high hopes for the year. More shooting, a great spring semester as photo editor. Let's keep the good times rocking, as they say. I love you all. Can't wait to kick it up a notch in 2011!

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