Monday, January 16, 2012

PROJECT: James Kelley


Jackson resident James Kelley, 64, stands solemnly as he prays during a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day church service on Monday morning at Second Baptist Church in Jackson, Mich.

For our first project in my JRN 521 class, we were asked to follow a subject through their experiences for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I followed up with someone I found during a peace march on Jan. 1 in Jackson, Mich. He was a well-versed, stoic gentleman named James Kelley. I made some calls, and tracked him down. He was incredibly willing to allow me into his life, and he has a fantastic view on King, and his life lends to tell quite the story. I will post my completed multimedia piece her one week from today.


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Jake May said...

Thanks Krista! :) I'll make sure to send you a link when I post the multimedia project. Would love your feedback on it.