Friday, February 17, 2012

FEATURE: A few from the last month


Dannah Kranz of Midland, 5, stands up on her the tips of her toes to reach the highest uneven bar as she plays Saturday afternoon with her friends Sydney Bond of Edenville, left, and Makayla Mann of Midland, both 7, while attending a gymnastics-themed birthday party at the Midland Community Center for Rachel Webb of Bay City, who turned six on Christmas.


Snow explodes into the air upon impact as Theryn Bass of Midland, 13, flies off of a ramp, losing his board after launching down a sledding hill Saturday afternoon at Overlook Park in Midland. "I tried to get enough speed to go as high as possible," he said. "When I'm mid-air, it feels kind of like falling in style."


Thirteen of more than 60 Woodcrest Elementary School students jump rope on the basketball court during half time of the Dow basketball game against Davison for the crowd Tuesday night at Dow High School. The routines, played out to different songs, were not only performed individually, but also with multiple people using the same jump ropes, and performing tricks with as many as five people in one jump with one rope. "My advice to anyone who wants to try to jump rope ... don't mess up," said Woodcrest fourth-grader Jared Poliskey of Midland, 10. "You just have to keep working hard, keep trying and never give up. Everybody can jump rope."

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