Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SOCCER: Bullock Creek vs. Chesaning


Bullock Creek defender Zach Frederick heads the ball in the rain during the game against Chesaning Wednesday night at Bullock Creek High School. Chesaning only had four total shots, two on goal in the 6-0 shutout victory by Bullock Creek.


Bullock Creek midfielder Spencer Delzer, left, celebrates with teammates Matt Ehler, Jaic Drendall and Max Bourne after scoring the first goal of the 6-0 shutout Wednesday evening against Chesaning at Bullock Creek High School. Delzer scored three of the four goals in the first half to lead the team in scoring in the 6-0 victory over Chesaning. "Goal after goal, it just boosted our whole team's confidence," he said. "It got easier and easier to play as we built upon each goal. To score, it feels so good, but I want to share the effort with all of the other players. We have good chemistry and we picked up our game today."


Bullock Creek junior Zach Frederick takes a shot on goal as the Chesaning goalkeeper, right, grimaces while saving the ball Wednesday night at Bullock Creek High School. Bullock Creek won 6-0 with 14 total shots, 11 of which were on goal.

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