Saturday, January 1, 2011


Tree in corn field with fog

As I drove home, the fog began to thicken, and didn't let up between Kalamazoo and Mount Pleasant. It only got worse. As the grew more dense, I remembered a friend's recent post on her blog of a tree in the fog. Inspired by Jessica Scott's photo, I was determined to stop mid-drive for a tree. I pulled over to where I thought the tree was, but alas my first stop was not it.

I looked to turn around in the next driveway. It was a dirt road that opened up to a muddy, dilapidated corn field. Right in front of me stood what seemed to be the perfect tree. Thanks to Jessica for the inspiration. Your photo made me feature hunt, and I am glad for it. :)

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~L said...

I think I will continue this feature hunt for a fogged tree. Thanks for the inspiration.