Friday, January 14, 2011

SPORTS: CMU Men's Basketball v. Toledo


Senior forward Will McClure jumps to block a shot Wednesday night in McGuirk Arena. McClure scored four points and recorded nine rebounds, two blocks and one steal. CMU won 65-52 against Toledo.


Freshman guard Trey Zeigler attempts a lay-up during the game Wednesday night against Toledo at McGuirk Arena. Zeigler scored a career-high 30 points to help lead Central Michigan to a 65-52 win.


Clawson junior Lee Herteg, 25, yells as he holds a Central Michigan flag and dawns maroon and gold face paint to cheer on the CMU men's basketball team as a member of the Rose Rowdies on Wednesday night at McGuirk Arena. "I have a lot of school pride," he said. "This is how I show it. We want to rub off and put it on everyone else. I love it here and I love supporting the teams. Just three rules to being a Rowdie: Be loud, be proud and stand up."

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