Thursday, March 3, 2011

FEATURE: Daughter wants to dance


Alma resident Chanda Drowley entertains her daughter Alexandria Mercado, 3, as the two have sat in the lobby Thursday afternoon at Tuffy Auto Service Center in Mount Pleasant. The two arrived at the auto shop at about 11 a.m. to get Drowley's Chevy Malibu fixed, and ended up waiting for more than three hours. Drowley gave her daughter candy, water and went through the ABC's a few times, but that didn't keep her daughter from dancing and playing with her to keep the spirits high. "I love her. I've been raising her by myself, taking her everywhere I go. She's my only child, and her father is not in her life. He's been back three times since she was born, which is just so hard for her and me. It's gotta be tough for her. How couldn't it be? She doesn't really know him. I just hope my love is enough."

Sean Proctor and I went to pick up his car at the auto shop. We saw the moment, shared a camera and each made a feature. Here is a link to his features of the same mother/daughter feature.

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