Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FEATURE: Birthday party


From left: Rachel Sternberg, 14, Victoria Alexi, 16, of Germany, Savannah Kerstiens, 14, Bailee Seifert, 15, Emma Stout, 15, Taylor Kleinhelter, 15, Katelyn Fuhs, 15, Anna Mundy, 15, and Alex Krapf, all of Jasper, laughed as they all attempted to remember German phrases from class last school year at Katelyn Fuhs' birthday party in her backyard Saturday evening on Wernsing Road. About 50 teenagers came to the party to hang out for Fuhs' fifteenth birthday, and also to socialize before the school year started. "I can see all my friends before school starts," Fuhs said, "because I haven't seen them all summer."

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