Thursday, August 25, 2011

GEN. NEWS: Welcome home, First Lt. Lofthouse


First Lieutenant Russ Lofthouse of Evansville, 39, kissed his wife Amy as he held her tightly at a terminal Wednesday morning at the Evansville Regional Airport after returning from Afghanistan on his third tour of duty one year ago. Lofthouse has been enlisted full-time in the army for seven years, but started as a reservist 21 years ago. "My words can't describe how grateful it is to have him back," Amy Lofthouse said, as he is a father of five. "Once I got word he was on U.S. soil, I was relieved. Honestly, when he is over there, it's so scary not knowing if he will make it back." Russ and Amy have been married for 18 years. He said seeing them for the first time after a trip is always emotional. “It’s just really special, to come home and have people you care about here in the U.S., who have supported you through my time in Afghanistan," he said. "They go through a lot here without me, so to have them there, it’s just truly incredible."

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