Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GEN. NEWS: Election Night 2011


Bill Hewitt, president of the Jasper Public Library Board and the chairman of Political Action Team — Vote No, smiled as he embraced Ellen Vonderheide of Jasper on Tuesday night at Snaps Restaurant as he celebrated the final count of 3,884 of 5,345 area residents, 73 percent, voting not to fund the construction of a new Jasper Public Library on South Newton Street.


Marilyn Schepers, left, and Sarah Leinenbach, both of Jasper, worked together as Schepers listened to the radio as voting numbers came in while Leinenbach kept record on a piece of notebook paper to follow the races closely Tuesday night at the Knights of Columbus building in Jasper.


Caleb Burger of Jasper, 9, dragged his hand down his face as he listened to results come across the radio, continuously stating his father, Jasper democratic mayoral candidate John Burger, was down in the polls as each precinct reported results Tuesday evening at the Knights of Columbus building in Jasper. Burger lost to republican candidate Terry Seitz, who raked in 68 percent of the vote.

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