Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Caring to carol

Hospice Caroling 3
Eleven-year-old Amanda Harness, center, opens her eyes during a prayer session with other members of the American Heritage Girls Troop 3489 and Boy Scouts of America Troop 317 before singing carols throughout the halls and rooms Tuesday night at Allegiance Health Hospice Home. (Published in and property of the Jackson Citizen Patriot)

I was given the opportunity to both shoot and write a story for the A3 centerpiece in today's Jackson Citizen Patriot. The story is about a group of young carolers singing for residents in the Allegiance Health Hospice Home in Jackson, Mich. I had one heckuva great time hanging out with these carolers, made some images I enjoyed and was able to tell their story. Here's a link to read the story online.

The first two photos in this post are the two that published in print for the package. The last photo was a nice moment of a woman I quoted in the story. She was very moved by the carolers performance.

Hospice Caroling 2
Allegiance Hospice Home resident Barbara Alexander listens to a group of about 30 carolers sing four holiday songs surrounding her bed Tuesday night. The two troops gathered to sing as a service project. (Published in and property of the Jackson Citizen Patriot)

Hospice Caroling 1
Allegiance Hospice Home resident Ruthann Tilden, 65, of Brooklyn, smiles at the carolers as she listens to four holiday songs and sings along with them. "What they just sang, that, oh yes, that was marvelous," Tilden said, who cried during their performance. The carolers sang through the songs for her twice. (As shot for the Jackson Citizen Patriot)

Special thanks for the assignment from Dave Weatherwax. What a guy! You'll do great in Jasper, my friend. He and fellow photographer Nick Dentamaro shot a local funeral for state representative Mike Simpson, who died Friday after suffering a heart attack. Check out their photo gallery.


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PORTFOLIO IMAGE on that second one please.

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not bad man thats pretty sweet on the JCP thing

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