Monday, December 28, 2009

Wish List 2009


Geno Burton, 84, left, smiles at Terry Peterson, a John George Home resident supervisor, after he told a joke about having his blood pressure and temperature taken, both with new devices off of the wish list. The John George Home received a new blood pressure pump and thermometers, as well as a number of blankets.


Nancy Naylor, left, laughs while holding three new pencils, assisting Bette Watkins while she sharpens the pencils with the new electric pencil sharpener that the Reading Writing Connection received from the wish list published in November. The organization also recieved a filing cabinet, hanging file folders and a three-hole punch.


Concord resident Don Keith, who works maintenance for disAbility Connections, stops to talk to a Jackson resident while salting the parking lot outside of the building. Bags of salt were among the items disAbility Connections received off of the wish list. "We get so many handicapped people coming in, many with one leg and crutches. If we don't salt it will be too slippery for them," Keith said. "It's a difficult task to keep it salted down, but we do what we can and this gift of salt helps a lot."

These were shot for the Jackson Citizen Patriot. They publish a wish list the day after Thanksgiving and then publish a wishes granted, and wishes still in need list Christmas day. These are the latter. It was a great assignment, getting to know people and hearing their stories.

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