Friday, December 25, 2009

Ashley Schafer: An ongoing project

Ashley Shafer necklace Christmas gift

Merry Christmas everyone!

I spent the morning with an amazing family, the Schafers. I am at the beginning of an on-going project I will be documenting throughout the next five or six months. The project is about Ashley Schafer, a Mount Pleasant High School graduate who recently lost her sight in March after waking from a coma.

She has been going to therapy in Bay City for 15 hours each week, and last week, started a push to 21 hours a week. She spends the weekends with her family in Beal City. There will be more updates on Ashley as I continue to tell her story. She is a wonderful person, and I am glad I am given the opportunity to tell her story.

Ashley Shafer Christmas portrait

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johnE55 said...

Dude awesome pics I cant wait to see the story