Monday, January 18, 2010

Dan Enos, a portrait


Michigan State running backs coach Dan Enos smiles as he chats with athletics officials before a press conference Tuesday at the Indoor Athletics Complex where he was announced as Central Michigan University's new head coach. Enos signed a five-year contract worth $250,000 per year in base salary and includes a $75,000 bonus for public appearances, television and radio. “My vision will be and will remain as long as I am head football coach here that I want us to be mentioned in the same breath and be synonymous with the Boise States and the TCUs and the Utahs of the world,” he said. “And be the class of the MAC and be 12-0 going into the MAC Championship game and having people say, ‘What about them? What about CMU? What about Central Michigan?’ That’s our vision. That’s our goal.”


johnE55 said...

I dont know if its the posting but watch your color this is a little too green and yellow

Jake May said...

Thanks for the heads up John. I will keep my eye on my color balance a little more closely. How is life at the Bay City Times?