Sunday, January 17, 2010

Portrait series: First day of class


First day of classes portraits; clockwise from upper left:

• "I told my classmates they had nice hair and a scarf," Coleman freshman Cody Mayhew said. In one of his classes, he participated in ice-breaking activities, where students gave compliments to each other.
• "I'm trying to go hard or go homeless. I refuse to not be successful," said Benton Harbor senior Michelle Brooks, about passing classes to graduate in May.
• "I'm not looking forward to HST 102 (Development of Western Civilization) because today was the first day in class and I almost fell asleep," said Otter Lake senior Elizabeth Conrad.
• "I'm a big fan of jazz from people like Louis Armstrong and Herbie Hancock," said Spring Lake sophomore Austin Berg, who is excited for his class, MUS 213: Jazz: An American Art Form.

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