Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whitey Dowski

01.05.10 -- Whitey Dowski

Whitey Dowski, 97, has sat at the same table next to the window at Dave's Pizza Place in Leslie, Mich., for the last 50 years. He sat there Tuesday drinking two cups of black coffee like he does every afternoon. Once a manufacturing engineer, Dowski has outlived his wife, but still has the pleasure of seeing his two daughters. Though he no longer drives himself around town, he does bowl once a week in a bowling league and lives in a house. "If I could give any advice in the years I've lived ... I wouldn't want to tell you nothing because you might want to do it, just like I did," he said laughing. "Live life. Live everything."

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betsy! said...

this is really quite lovely.

i also appreciate the advice.