Thursday, February 24, 2011

PORTRAIT: Ricardo White


Here is a portion of a story written by friend and fellow CM Lifer Randi Shaffer, who reported the story on how being black on campus can take some students outside of their comfort zones. Read the entire story.

As president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at CMU registered student organization, Detroit junior Ricardo White said he doesn’t rely on his skin color to inspire his involvement in the group.

“We’re trying to advance everyone,” he said. “(We’re) trying to get rid of all discrimination. I’m saying it’s the advancement of all people.”

White said NAACP works with other registered student organizations on campus that are not traditionally black to hold educational and political panel discussions.

“Basically on campus we’re just trying to show that we’re here,” he said.

White said he hasn’t faced many issues because of his skin color.

“You get people that look at you funny sometimes, but a majority of times I don’t have an issue,” he said. “You still get looks from time to time. Nothing that’s a big racial issue, just moments you can tell where people aren’t comfortable with you being black around them.”

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