Monday, October 3, 2011

FEATURE: Sherri Lautner


Sherri Lautner of Ferdinand laughed as she tickeled her daughter Ann Marie Scott, 3, while the two waited for a free oil change Sunday afternoon at Central Christian Church. As a single mother, Lautner said she was surprised, but glad a much needed service like this was being offered. Ann Marie's father, Daniel Scott, was killed in a head-on collision in August 2008 before having the chance to marry Lautner, but she took on the responsibility of raising their daughter. "This really helps us financially," she said. "It really helps, and it shows that people care. It's a necessity for us, and we can't express enough thanks." The church gave 25 free oil changes, gave out 40 casseroles, made 16 blankets for children and teens in need at hospitals, cleaned 15 bags-fulls of trash from the shoreline of Huntingburg Lake and painted fences and dugouts at League Stadium for Get Out Day, a day the church created to give back to the community.

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