Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FEATURE: Spell Bowl


Holy Family School eighth-grader Nicole Nord, 13, left, smiled as she raised her hand to signal to her teammates she spelled the word "streptococcic" correctly as Karen Hill of Pike Central Middle School, a moderator, gave Nord compliments on completing a tough word during the Hoosier Spell Bowl Junior Division area contest Tuesday night at Jasper Middle School. Streptococcic is defined as any of a genus (Streptococcus) of spherical, Gram-positive bacteria that divide in only one plane and occur generally in chains: some species cause various serious diseases. "That last word, I knew I knew it. I practiced it over and over," Nicole said. "It's such a relief to get that word right in such a tense and stressful situation. I was nervous, but so happy once I spelled that correctly."

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