Friday, August 1, 2008

No. 17: Angel of death ... -defying escape

Criss Angel is known for his A&E television show Mindfreak. After 92 episodes of his hit cable TV series, the man still hasn't run out of stunts, illusions -- or in this case, escapes. By now, I hope you've heard of Angel's death-defying escape from an imploding building in Clearwater, Fla. If you haven't, let me help catch you up.

The pitch: Just moments before the Spyglass Resort hotel in Clearwater was turned in to 4,500 tons of rubble Angel put his life on the line. Handcuffed to the seventh-floor balcony, he had to reach the roof of the nine-story building and board a helicopter before the building imploded. He had three minutes and 30 seconds to get to the helicopter waiting with a 30-foot ladder. Guess what, he didn't make it to the top. Read what happened. SPOILER: He live (no surprise there).

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