Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No. 28: Road Trip, Take Two

Here is irony. Below are two images I made on Sunday, Aug. 10. I didn't think about either as a pair when I shot them individually. I thought of different reasons for making each image. The first, being that I was finishing my road trip back to Michigan, was specifically shot to show that which is the "Breakfast of a champion." (Notice the healthy choice on the water. Lol!) This said specifically with a pun intended. This is the epitome of every long trip. McDonald's breakfast is not healthy, but hits the spot as you see probably one every exit off of any major interstates or highways. The second image I made because, as we all know, cows are roadside on any multi-state car ride. So, I had to get one of these cows. The irony: I think I ate his relative for breakfast. Or some processed version of another animal.

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