Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No. 27: Road Trip, Take One

On the first day on the road back to Michigan, I definitely found a good bit of wildlife while still in Florida (no surprise there). The story goes that I decided to stop to attempt my first few photographs just at the cusp of Ocala, Fla. I saw a sign for the Museum of Drag Racing. Lucky for me, I passed right by and drove for about a minute or two. As I told my friend on the phone, "Where the hell is this place," that's when I ran across a great deal of photo-friendly wildlife (and one not so wild).

What caught my eye was a pony with 80s rock band hairstyles comparable to that of C.C. DeVille and Billy Idol. I'll name the little guy Billy DeVille. As I left, I noticed Billy was following me along the fence. I went to capture a few more images when I almost walked straight into a spider as big as my hand, literally. I decided to take the Charlotte's Web approach, and forgot about Billy for a moment. What else did I run across. Oh yeah, Florida's deadliest creature: Fire ants! Oh and the man pictured with the funny look on his face is my
 childhood best friend Wesley Hunt. 

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Sarah A. Miller said...

omg that spider!!! sweet shot, but... ahhhh!