Sunday, June 12, 2011



Jaokb Knight, 3, smiles as he surprises his mom Amanda, 32, with a kiss while thye color in a coloring book at their home on the 2800 block of Indiana Avenue on June 11 in Joplin, Mo. Amanda Knight said she tries to keep her son away from thoughts of the tornado, specifically when looking at the disaster area. The two live on the outskirts of the devastation, but rode out the tornado hand-in-hand with their dog in his lap. Jakob's father is deployed in Iraq. "He needs a sense of normalcy, a distraction from what has happened here," Amanda Knight said. "So I try to keep him occupied. He was born at 26 weeks. He's my miracle child. The fact that he is alive and well, and we survived this, means everything. I knew he was special, and I couldn't have made it through this without him."


A home near 26th Street displays a message for looters on June 11 in Joplin, Mo.


Joplin resident Marlon Douglas sits on a neighbor's porch on June 11, whose home was totaled in the tornado in May. Douglas is among a group of five area residents who are helping rebuild the home in an attempt to help clean up the city. "It's in shambles, and people who don't live here who see it on TV just don't understand," he said. "This isn't going to be something picked up in two days. This is something that will take months, years to fix. It's a disaster, and we need to come together now more than ever to uplift the city — to make this our home again."

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