Friday, June 10, 2011

JOPLIN: The People, Day 2


Kathy Thompson, 60, cries as she holds the wall to what was once her living room while walking down to the first floor at her home Friday afternoon on S. New Jersey Avenue in Joplin, Mo. Thompson's grandchildren left messages written on the walls throughout the house to let her know they cared. "My granddaughter gets it, she truly gets it," she said after tearing up from reading one of the notes on the wall. The note read, "Even though a tornado came, memories will always be the same. This house was built with love and with it love it was built. I'm glad it's still standing because without love and memories, it would tilt."


Sarah Mitchell, 6, at center, holds her parents' hands as to Kansas chaplains Gordon Herb, 82, and Thurman Oliver, 76, pray for her and her family in a prayer circle outside of their home Friday afternoon on New Hampshire Avenue in Joplin, Mo.


While waiting to pick up her mail in bulk since she no longer has a mailing address, Joplin resident Diane Parker confides her survival story in Kansas Chaplain Gordon Herb, 82, Friday at the post office in downtown Joplin. Herb has traveled around the city to cope with people, pray for them and support them for the last two weeks. "These people need hope. We are here to provide the humanitarian effort, but also the spiritual. We want people to know that God is here. We are here to help them through this awful, awful mess."


(Caption is same woman as first photo above.)


A family of three walks down the street of their old neighborhood as they look at friend's houses on 23rd Street in Joplin, Mo.

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