Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few rake takes


The Monohans rake the front lawn of their Chippewa Street home in Mount Pleasant, Mich. on Tuesday afternoon. Each has their own technique on how to pick up the leaves. Lily, 8, is the oldest sibling of the three. She rakes with large brushing strokes against the grass, throwing leaves on top of one another to form one pile. Abby, 6, is only two years younger and said she can see the length of the yard with her glasses. She swoops down, hands out, to grab the leaves and throw them into the wheelbarrow. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Andrew, 3, is the lone boy of the three. He is just excited to run the wheelbarrow around the yard and out to the road. (Photos shot for Central Michigan Life. The last shot published today, Oct. 28)




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Christopher Bacarella said...

Like i said before, this set of photos is absolutly awesome! They just have some awesome 'pop' to them! Great work....