Monday, October 26, 2009

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Sunflower of Awesomeness!

A sunflower wilts at the edge of a cornfield maze Sunday afternoon at Uncle John's Cider Mill.

I have constantly passed by Uncle John's Cider Mill, only to think of how delicious the cider would taste. I have never stopped, but there is a first for everything. As I pulled in, I was amazed as over the hill lies a photography playground. I knew the mill had a corn maze, but there is SO much more. So I stuck around for about an hour to make images. There are more to come, but I have to edit a photo story as well. Here is a quick post that I enjoy, and Libby March said "I had to post immediately!" So I did.

Hay runner

Maxim Rancour, 3, of Williamston, runs through a soft spot of a fallen-through hay along a line of haystacks Sunday afternoon at Uncle John's Cider Mill. "My grandma brought me here. It's my first time. I love her," he exclaimed as he ran away to continue to frolic along a winding path of haystacks.


Two girls slide down an inflatable playground Sunday afternoon at Uncle John's Cider Mill.

Homer the vendor

Homer Ruiz, an employee who has worked about four years in a wooden trailer that doubles as a kitchenette for hot foods, leans outside the window waiting for customers on Sunday afternoon at Uncle John's Cider Mill. "This time of the season, it's all about family," Ruiz said. "It's true, though, and there is no better day than today. The weather is perfect."