Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Multimedia work at the Times

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to throw a few slideshow links up that I have done recently on my internship. Here's three links to check out. I'd love to get your opinion on them.

Graduate Job Placement:
Worked on this project with Times Photographer Martha Rial. She is a great person to learn from. Truly gets to know her subjects and have fun while she works. (Made the homepage belt for three days.)

Ultimate Graduation:
This is my favorite clip of the summer thus far. I was given the opportunity to make the images, collect the audio, edit both and produce the entire project. It is a Jake May original. :) (This piece was the homepage lede story when published to the Web site. It was up for more than three hours. Then it moved to the secondary lede position, following it had shelf life on the belt for nearly another week.)

Here is one of my favorite details from the assignment.

Tampa Bay Rays-Red Sox Fan Feud:
On this project, it was a daily assignment, so much more fast-paced, on-deadline performance. I worked with Edmund Fountain on this assignment. Great, great photographer. And, he knows where to get the best Indian food in town, so we hopped over there after the assignment. I found the people and watched Edmund work his magic. Then, chatted with them for short, but sweet stints of audio. Came back to the office, then edited and produced the slideshow. All in all, another great day at the St. Petersburg Times.

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