Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No. 8: Western follies

The Paul family (and one friend). Donald, back center, and Sharyl, second on the right, brought their family on vacation to Treasure Island, Fla. They drove down in a station wagon (can anybody say National Lampoon's Vacation?) from Pennsylvania.
On Monday, they were roaming John's Pass, a tourist-heavy boardwalk filled with one-stop shops, restaurants and this photo boutique. Pirates of the Pass Old Time Photos is where I caught up with the Pauls. They were already dressed in Old West garb, carrying shotguns and revolvers in one hand and a fifth of their choice liquor in the other. The girls smiled, while the boys had straight faces. That's before the owner told them they had two poses they could do on their own. They went wild.
I want to show both a desaturated and a full color image. Which do you like better? Let me know in the comments below.


Jenny said...

I vote for desaturated -- I've always been fond of that! Nice pic!

Debbie Wolfe said...

Count me in for the desaturated version too as it reminds me of the hand-colored, black and white prints I used to retouch in NYC in the mid-1980s. It also looks a great deal like some of the old, hand-colored "hand viewer" cards that folks used to view in stereoscopes. With a little imagination, this image is also reminiscent of Daguerrotypes -- which were a common photo medium of the middle 1800s.