Sunday, July 20, 2008

No. 6: Manatee milestone

Snooty remembers things he was taught when he was a year old. He eats healthy food and gets lots of exercise. No wonder Snooty has lived longer than any other captive manatee in the world. On Monday, the mascot of Manatee County turns 60, showing the resilience of one of Florida's natural icons. Saturday, Snooty had a party at the Parker Manatee Aquarium in the South Florida Museum. This manatee was so personable with me. He hunched right out of the water as if he was puffing up his chest to intimidate me. Also, when he released a breath through his nostrils, it smelled rank. The air came at me in a jet steam-like format. It was a pleasant birthday gift.

I put together an audio slideshow for the Times. Check it out.

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Sarah A. Miller said...

wow i love that first photo! what a great angle and great sea-cow moment :)