Sunday, July 20, 2008

No. 5.75: Young and old

At the St. Pete Shuffle, a shuffleboard extravaganza on Friday nights, I brought my camera. No surprise there. The man in the image below is Jimmy. He is 56. He said he is homeless after he was released from prison recently. Sitting on a bench outside of the shuffleboard courts, he has all of his possessions on him. A blanket filled with trinkets, a trash bag filled with cans and a backpack. Jimmy is originally from Trenton, New Jersey, which is where he said is where he wants to be again. He is panhandling his way up the east coast to get home.

In the second image, a two-year-old named Savannah was playing with her own set of pucks next to a game her parents were playing. She kept roaming onto their court, which may have been to their advantage. They ended up winning that game.

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