Thursday, July 24, 2008

No. 10: Flash dance

The Gulfport Casino on Shore Boulevard. Don't let the name fool you. No gambling goes on at this venue. It's all dancing, and on Wednesday nights it's time to swing. It's young and old, singles and couples. And for the first hour, a new partner will be in hand every two to four minutes. The first hour is a lesson, to help those who don't know how to swing get into the groove. Then, it's dance the night away for $7 at the door.

The first two images depict a budding dance rapport between Hyeyong Temlin, of Sun City Center (right), and Gulfport's Billy Williamson. Wednesday's swing had a little more meaning for this couple than just another couple of spins with a stranger. On July 23, 2006, the two met on the swing dance floor during the lessons. "I arrived a little bit late, and I had just arrived home from overseas. I saw her across the room and stepped in line so I knew she would have to dance with me. I ended up being her partner and we danced the rest of the night," Williamson said.
Hard to believe, but the two aren't married or even dating. Temlin said they have been coming every Wednesday to dance together since they first met. "Isn't that something," she said. "And we're out here to swing tonight, two years later."

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Emily Katelyn said...

Hey Jake, remember me from the GR Press?
I dig your blog. Nice dancin photos. I especially like the second photo down and the detail of the feet. Nice stuff.