Thursday, July 17, 2008

No. 4.5: Sounds on the sidewalk

A man named Max Pierre plays notable tunes on his soprano saxophone on the corner of 3rd St. S. and Central Avenue. He sits on a crate with multi-colored shoes and a scraggly black beard with spots of gray. He is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and his influences include John Coltrane and Miles Davis. He hits high notes, playing swing songs like "In The Mood" and "Little Brown Jug," others songs included Disney classics. He played for nothing. His case sat open with spare change and a few crumpled dollars for passersby.
This is a short photo essay on an unidentified saxophone player who drew me closer with sweet melodies. Click here to see a video of Max produced by some friends who were on a fellowship at Poynter.


Eddie R. said...

I saw this guy my first day in town. Glad you caught up with him. Great shots.

Nomaan said...

Saw this guy playing after The Dark Knight. I was going to give him money until I saw his Cardinals shirt. Great photos regardless.