Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No. 2: Burger, cig and a soda.

This is Ralphie Tar. His job, granite flooring. His dinner, a burger with everything on it, a side of fries, a Coke and a cigarette at the Dairy Inn in St. Petersburg. The resident came with his friend Bart Traham, who works in wood flooring. The two say they don't argue about the work they do, and that they have known each other for two years. They met in a Starbucks. They laugh and joke at the dinner table waiting for their food to arrive, smoking a cigarette together outside of the small ice cream shack. Once their burgers arrive, Tar said, "Once the food is in my mouth, no more pictures." At his request, I stopped. Here's a few images I made from hanging out with these guys while waiting for their food.

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Maria said...

Very nice, Jake!