Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No. 15: In turn with interns

Alas, another summer is ending, which means I must say goodbye to another newsroom and group of colleagues. What you see below is a great group of talented journalists, and my friends. I will use the tools they have taught me as I head back to Central Michigan University and CM Life.

Each of these individuals you see below are the future of journalism, representing everything from editorial, reporting, photography, audience development and advertising. Yes, we did serious portraits. Yes, we did smiling portraits. What you see below are the true personalities caught between takes. I couldn't have asked for a better summer, and it is all thanks to the talented men and women you see below. Thanks to all of you for a great summer.

Monday, July 28, 2008

No. 14: Death of a lizard

Why take a photo of a dead lizard? I have three reasons.
I. I think the lizard's name would be Drop Dead Fred, in homage to the 1991 movie starring Phoebe Cates.
II. My favorite book when I was a child was titled Lizard Music. It involves Walter Cronkite and a lizard world. What else do you need as a child?
III. I know my mother hasn't seen a lizard since we moved away from Florida. And you won't find any of these in Michigan.

Also, it was posing for the camera. I mean, look at it.

By the way, check out this book. It's a children's book, but all the same, a great read.

Tampa time with T-Kap

Here's just a few photos from Saturday afternoon. We were in Tampa at Rosetta's amazing apartment. Rosetta in this case is Tom. Haha (Inside joke). Enjoy the fun with silhouettes.

Come back later today for No. 14... should be posted in the afternoon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

No. 13: Comments with character

Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It's definitely a Southern chain because if this was in Michigan, I would have stomached at least a dozen burgers from this savory snack shack. Even more intriguing, they have this great way of comments and questions. It's a corkboard. Let me say, there are some talented artists who frequent the Tampa shop. Take a look at this short photo essay on the comments people leave.

No. 12.75: At the wall with Walter

Walter Martinez is a 42-year-old ex-convict. He is half-Sicilian, half-Puerto Rican. His claim: Martinez was a third lieutenant in Chicago's Latin Kings where he would shoot a man if there was a problem with said person and the gang. He's been stabbed five times. His addiction was money, and he said he was a connoisseur of women. His nickname in prison was "Danger" because he was known to be a good fighter. "Once you have a record, society slates you," Martinez said, stating he had his GED and a two-year business associate degree. He said that is all thrown out once you are convicted.

After taking a bullet to his head, Martinez said, he went into a coma that lasted for eight months. When he awoke, he had a different set of priorities on his mind: God and family. "Every day when I wake up, I make it my business to thank God. You have to have faith, you know? Faith can move mountains."

While standing in front of this mural at the corner of 38th Avenue North and 28th Street, Martinez told many stories of prison life and what a difference it is and an impact it will have on freedoms in the world. This is a series of candid portraits, in which you can see the expressions he uses when describing gang and prison life.

No. 12.5: Kiddie corner

I decided the other day to just drive around for a bit with my good friend Andrew. In the same intersection (kiddie corner from one another) we found these classic still life moments: A Chevrolet Corvair and a roadside memorial. I will have more from Day 12 and Day 13 soon to come.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

No. 12: Evan-gelist

This is Evan Johnston. And yes, he is an evangelist. Here he stands on the corner of 3rd St. S. and Central Avenue at about noon on July 25 in St. Petersburg, Fla. He just recently started bringing the word of God to St. Petersburg, as he has been doing the same in Clearwater for about three years. He stands with his 10-foot tall banner which displays John 11:25-26. Johnston wears a red baseball cap with the phrase, "I <3 (heart) Jesus"on the brim.
Evan Johnston just wants to spread the word of God. He said it is his job, literally, to bring it to others. He doesn't work in the professional manner because he said his faith is what guides him and will provide for him.